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CSO Survey 2016 | Our Talk with Prof. Dr. Markus Menz of the University of Geneva

MenzDear Audience, uncertain economic and political developments and a constantly changing business environment bring ever-growing complexity to the work of strategy departments. Tough spending cuts implemented by many companies add to the pressures Chief Strategy Officers or CSOs are under . Such conditions make it all the more important to meaningfully measure the work done by strategy teams and to communicate those findings clearly within the company and to external stakeholders.

Measuring this „hidden value“ that CSOs bring to their companies is the focus of the Chief Strategy Officer Survey 2016, conducted by experts from Roland Berger and the Universities of St. Gallen and Geneva.

The survey was published at a Round Table Forum at the Munich offices of Roland Berger, where its findings were discussed by a selected group of business leaders.

Just before the event, we spoke with Prof. Markus Menz of the University of Geneva, author of the survey and organiser of the Round Table Forum. ….. and asked him, what the idea behind organising this event was, and what he is hoping to achieve with it.

Ulrich Hinsen | ManagementRadio