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„Light Footprint Management“ | Strategic Management

Interview with Christophe Angoulvant, Senior Partner from Roland Berger Strategy Consultants in Paris

Dear Audience, today’s companies operate in a world where volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity – short VUCA – has become the norm.

Christophe Angoulvant

Christophe Angoulvant | Light Footprint Management

In a recent study, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, looked at how fifty firms from a range of industries and with different maturity levels are adapting to the new VUCA world. Some stood out as clear „meta-winners“ – firms so singular that they are game-changers in their industry and in some cases have even created a whole new industry segment. Many of these meta-winners were born into a world where VUCA was already the norm. A few of them are known around the world, including Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. „There are three main characteristics of meta-winners.“, explains Roland Berger expert Christophe Angoulvant, Senior Partner in Paris, „First one is, that they have a different strategy with radically different resource relocations in terms of supply chain. Secondly they’ve reached a certain level of size above 3 Billion Euros of market value or equivalence and thirdly most of them are still local companies that are targeting global positioning.“ Main features of the VUCA-adapted „Light Footprint“ company are: It is modular in structure, extremely centralized and extremely de-centralized at the same time, hungry for collaborations and partnerships, because they add less weight than acquisitions, secretive, because its competitive actions rely on the element of surprise and very conscious of the consequences of its actions for others.

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