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Riding the Tiger | Our talk with Wilfried Aulbur

rolandberger_wilfried_aulbur_lthumbDear Audience, with the publication of his new book, „Riding the Tiger“ on November 21th, Wilfried Aulbur, Managing Partner India at Roland Berger, is about to go public with his revealing and insightful understanding of the Indian economy. By presenting sixteen detailed accounts of leading Indian and global conglomerates, smaller firms and start-ups operating in the world’s sevenths largest economy, Aulbur puts the recent success story of the Indian economy under the microscope. He not only describes their challenges and successes, he also gives strategic advice and shares practical tips about doing business in India, the main success factors he identifies being operational excellence, innovation capacity and the right management structure …

Ulrich Hinsen | ManagementRadio